Friday, January 6, 2012

A.H and A.A



How's ur day?? Me?? Oh awesome!!! Eventho i'm in Kerteh right now,but the weather n the people around me made my day so far.. Well friends, did u know someone called themselves as Anwar Hadi and Aiman Azlan. Ok honestly i just found out about them when a friend of mine shared a link of their youtube video, and surprisingly i loveeeee all the vlog tha they made. Alhamdulillah, atleast Allah hear my prayers, i don't want end up 'mati kebosanan' in Kerteh, therefore Allah gives something for me to watch n as a guidance for now n hereafter. So friends, if u wanna watch their vlogs, just type Aiman Azlan or Anwar Hadi in youtube and watch it!!! They also have their own page which are and Oh, and who knows about them do let me know ya...atleast i wanna know how they started this vlogging which caught my attention so much.


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